Planet Samuro (France)
Planet Samuro (France)
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SamuroSamuro2022Sent: 01/08/2022 15:35:311 / 2Message 1 from 2
Planet Version 208

- AO anims now distinct from anims started by script
- AO always forced to priority 2, permanent anims to priority 0
- new script command: bool domain_adult()
- adult lands not visible on website
- inventory renaming is done in separate window
- leash : physics fixed
- max particles reduced to 9999
- fixed bug search_land
- combat mode (F6 or C), new script command set_arm_power() and events shot, damage
- new vehicle parameter : forward_slowdown, turning_slowdown.
- shortcut for interplanet messages on same planet

Gast_66011Gast_660112022Sent: 02/08/2022 00:21:082 / 2Message 2 from 2
Malheureusement, il y a une erreur avec la mise à jour, si vous l'exécutez, elle s'affiche à nouveau comme un cheval de Troie  .... demandez simplement de l'aide, nous vous aiderons
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