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Planet is a free multiplayer game on the internet. You can simply explore the planet and chat with residents. You can also build your own world in 3D.

Planet runs on PCs with Windows 7 or higher, Intel i5 processor or equivalent, 8 GB RAM, SSD disk recommended. For an enjoyable experience, we advise you to use a large screen, a good keyboard and a good mouse, because you will write and click a lot. In case of technical problem, you can visit our Groups with Message Forum.

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Planet Samuro

Planet Samuro

Planet Samuro

Private Messages

Question: are there no private messages on Planet ?
Answer: no, but when you write, only people in a 50 meter range can read you. So you just have to walk a little further away to talk with people in private. At the store there is also a phone (or headset) to wear, that allows you to chat with someone anywhere on Planet, as long as they have added you to their contacts.

Planet Samuro


Question: can we have our own place on Planet ?
Answer: sure. For that you need to reserve land and build your place. You don't have to build alone : you can invite people and give them rights on your land to build with you. You can give your visitors a Planet link to make them arrive directly on your land without going through the entrance.

Question: How much does land cost ?
Answer: it's free but you must extend the land reservation at least every 3 months, otherwise it will be deleted if you don't come anymore.

Question: how can I reserve land on the planet?
Answer: You can find the list of free land on the planet where you are by right-clicking on the floor to choose the menu "Land > Free".

Question: How do I find my land back?
Answer: right-click on your avatar and choose menu "My Roles", you will see the name of your land and a Teleport button.

Question: How can I invite friends to my land ?
Answer: Once they have installed Planet, you can give them a link they can click to start Planet and appear directly on your land.

Question: I built in 3D and I would like to move to another land or another planet.
Answer: take a copy of your creations in your inventory and put them back on the new land.

Webcams and Microphone.

Question: Are there webcams on Planet?
Answer: yes you can display your webcam, either in a window or above the avatars. You can also talk all together on the microphone. Planet has furthermore large video screens that you can connect to an external mp4 stream (or mp3 for a radio).

Question: I don't have the "my webcam" menu by right-clicking on my avatar ?
Answer: the menu only appears if you are on land where the owner has authorized webcams.


Question: Can we build places for adults?
Answer: yes, if you set the adult option in your land settings, minors do then not have access to it.

What is Planet Samuro ?

Planet Samuro is a virtual world. You walk around with an avatar (=little character) to interact with other people. You are completely free to do whatever you want in it. Like in real life, there is no goal. This total freedom can destabilize some people at the beginning who are used to having rules in other games.

The scenery

The first thing you notice when you arrive with your avatar, is that the quality of the scenery is very different from one place to another. The reason is that absolutely everything was created by the residents, who obviously are more or less talented. Whether it is the buildings, the cars, the avatar clothes, the animations, everything is built and scripted in Planet itself.

First Steps

When you arrive, you usually start by dressing your avatar. Then you set out to explore the planet by walking, flying or teleporting, because yes, the planet is huge.

When you meet residents you can talk with them. If they are not busy they will usually help you if you have any questions. You don't have to always type, Planet Samuro also has webcams and allows you to speak into the microphone.


To have a place of your own, you can reserve an empty lot on the planet and set up your place. This involves acquiring items from stores and arranging them on your land. If you are part of a group of friends, you can give a Planet link so that they join you by teleporting directly to your land. Then you can give them rights on your land so that they can help you. Each lot of land is also associated with a group and an internet forum that allow you to leave messages.


Planet Samuro is run by volunteers who are not interested in making money but rather in having a good time. Therefore, Planet is free and offers nothing to buy or sell. Reserving land and building is free, the only thing we ask is that you extend the reservation of your land at least every 3 months otherwise it will be deleted if you don't come anymore. However, there is a virtual currency in Planet that you can earn by being active in the game, which is used in some virtual stores to reward the creators, and that you can spend to increase the building capacity of your land.


Planet Samuro offers you the possibility to listen to .mp3 streams from internet radios, or to view .mp4 streams on video screens in the virtual world. If you are an avid radio DJ we advise you to partner with talented 3D designers who can build your place.


Planet Samuro has no moderators, does not record conversations, and respects your privacy. However, this does not protect you from avatars near you who may take a screenshot or record you. If you want to have a more private place we advise you to take an island.


Planet supports adult places that are only accessible to people who indicate adults on their profile. If you are planning to create an adult place we advise you to set up on an island. If you want strict verification, you can ask new visitors to put their webcam to verify that they are an adult before entering your property.


If you have a lot of free time you can get into 3D creation. Everything you see on Planet was created by the residents, whether it's the clothes for the avatars or the buildings on the planet. It is not especially difficult but it takes time and patience at the beginning to learn the basics. The documentation explains in general how it is done, you can also talk with other people who will give you advice. If you want to share your creations you can open your own store.


The creations in your inventory are not kept on the Planet servers but on your PC. Planet does not keep anything and leaves the copyright on your creations to you. It is up to you to take a regular backup of your inventory on your PC if you don't want to lose everything.


If you have a bit of programming talent, the Planet script language will let you do some cool stuff. You will find on Planet vehicles, fairground rides that turn in all directions, discos with laser projector and smoke particles, birds flying and squawking, small interactive games like scrabble, quiz, sudoku and chess. Each 3D object placed on Planet or carried by an avatar can contain scripts that make it active or display a menu with a list of options. A script can restrict avatars, for example to create a prison, blindfold, fog, walking restrictions, teleportation. You can carry objects on your screen to display information like health points or you can click them to send a message to other scripts. In short, if you master the scripts you can build a game within the game.